Terri Meza

Nutritionist/Functional Medicine Health Coach in Rock Hill, SC

Terri Meza

Terri is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Educator with over 25 years of incorporating and living out the FN lifestyle for her and her family's lives. However, it was Terri`s personal health journey struggles through hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and food sensitivities that caused her passion to grow in helping people find their root/cause and faith. At that point, she felt God calling her to enter and grow in the field and help as many people as she could.

“ It was a life-changing experience and a scary one”

As she embarked on a new career she left behind her 25 + prior career. Terri brings together tools from some of her prior education as a teacher to lead educational classes on Health, Nutrition, and Fitness, at her church, small gatherings, as well as Inter. Mission trips. She has experience in gut health (SIBO) and gut dysbiosis, histamine intolerance, hormones as well as different diets to help and support different health symptoms.

“Faith is very important to me”

Terri enjoys spending quiet time with the Lord, as well as her husband and son and of course her buddy Rocco, her dog. She enjoys researching the latest articles on Functional medicine and exercise. She always enjoys working out at the gym.