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Primary Care services offered in Rock Hill, SC

Primary Care

Arbor Vitae Holistic Medical Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, provides direct primary care for people of all ages, from newborns to older adults. Camden Messier, FNP-C and the team take a holistic approach to managing your health. With direct primary care, you pay a set monthly fee that covers all primary care and sick visits. Call today or message to schedule a 15 minute virtual meet and greet appointment with our provider.

Primary Care Q & A

Direct Primary Care FAQ’s


What is the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model? 

Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative membership model that allows patients access to their primary care provider for a simple, flat, affordable monthly fee.  This model allows patients and providers the time they need to create a trusting and enduring therapeutic relationship.  It allows for the use of technology and telemedicine to ensure patients have access to care in whatever manner is most convenient for them.

Do you accept insurance?

As a direct primary care clinic, we do not accept insurance, though we do partner with labs that will bill your insurance for labwork.  This allows us to practice unencumbered by the restrictions imposed by insurance companies, and provide the best and most comprehensive care possible.  We do partner with Liberty Healthshare, which is a cost-sharing community that functions much like insurance, which reimburses a portion of the monthly membership fee.

What is the best kind of insurance to have with a membership plan?

The types of insurance that work best with direct primary care are high deductible or indemnity plans, or cost-sharing communities such as Liberty Healthshare or Samaritan’s.  This way your primary care needs are covered through Arbor Vitae, and you still have coverage if you need it for imaging, labs, emergency visits, hospitalizations, specialist visits, etc.  In the case of a high deductible plan, you can choose a plan with an HSA/FSA and use that to pay the monthly fees.

What does it cost to be a patient, and what does it include?

Membership fees are simple.  Individuals are $99/mo per adult, families (2 adults + up to 2 dependents age 1 and up) are $199/mo; each additional child is $10/mo. Infants ages 0-12 months are $149/mo ($129/mo for existing families).  There is a one-time registration fee upon enrollment that is equal to one month of membership.  You must sign on for a minimum of 6 months.

Services included in membership (no deductibles, no copays):

  • Annual exams and wellness visits
  • Sick visits
  • In-office testing such as strep and urinalysis
  • Basic labs included for those without insurance coverage to include CBC, CMP, TSH, lipids, HgbA1c. For insured patients, the lab will submit to your insurance.
  • Basic wound care
  • Newborn care including home visits


  • Access to your provider for urgent needs via email, text, video chat, or phone
  • Longer visits - no more being rushed out the door
  • Same day and next day appointments (for urgent issues)
  • Home visits when medically necessary
  • Little to no wait time

Other services offered at discounted costs:

  • B12/B complex injections
  • Injectable medications
  • Weight loss program
  • Hyperbaric oxygen
  • Frequency specific microcurrent
  • Discounts on supplements and labs

How does it work when the provider goes on vacation?

Provider vacations are scheduled in advance so that patients may be given as much notice as possible, and regularly scheduled visits or non-urgent issues can be taken care of in advance.  For problems that arise that require urgent evaluation during these times, there will be a provider available for phone/video consultation.  Emergent issues will be directed to the nearest urgent care or emergency department.

If I don’t want to become a member, can I pay per visit?

Non-members can visit the clinic once per year for acute care needs (sick visits) via telemedicine at a cost of $99 per visit, not including labs or other services.  We also offer a once yearly comprehensive preventative physical visit for non-members at a cost of $350.

What ages do you see?

We see all ages from newborn to adult.

Do you give vaccines?

We do not carry vaccines in our office.  We can refer you to Minute Clinic, the health department, or an urgent care that administers vaccines if you require these services.

Do you prescribe regular medications?

Yes, we prescribe regular medications when needed.  Although our aim is to use natural treatments when possible, we value and utilize conventional medicine when appropriate.

How do I know if AVH is the right choice for me?

We offer complimentary 15-minute consultations in which you can meet the provider and get all your questions answered before deciding to proceed with membership or book an appointment.  We are a relationship-based practice, and as such want to ensure that everything is a good fit before embarking on this journey of health together.