Patients reviews

This is an excellent service. I have used Camden Messier and she has amazing knowledge and intuition. She is patient with my questions and very responsive. I have a M.S. in Nutrition from a Medical School and years of studying biochemistry. I could not be more impressed with this group.
Terry Y. | Nov 30, 2023
Having a doctor that you trust and know that she has your best interest at heart is SO valuable. She is so knowledgeable about many different approaches to take in tackling the harder cases. I love how she trusts my intuition for things that I may want to try with no judgement from her. I drive an hour to see her and its worth every mile!
Dawn M. | Nov 22, 2023
So sweet! Always texts back with any concern i have with the greatest help. We love and recommend her!!
Emma B. | Nov 18, 2023
I was at the point in my life when I felt like I was never going to feel good again. I decided to take a step and come see Shawnie and follow her program and advice. I can say this has been the best choice! I have gained a new understanding of health and I feel as though I’m finally on the right path. I have all my Lupus symptoms under control and a major plus is I’ve lost weight. I feel like a different person and I’m so glad for Shawnie and her team who have helped me learn how to care for my body.
Jessica M. | Nov 17, 2023
My health has improved so much in the 3 mos that I've been seeing Shawnie. I am thankful for her expertise in helping make lifestyle changes that have made an impact in my life. Thank you!
Kim M. | Nov 17, 2023
I love how knowledgable Shawnie is in the alternative medicinals and supplimentations.
Chris A. | Nov 17, 2023
All the stars didn’t light up in my first feedback!s
Sandra B. | Nov 17, 2023
Always a pleasure to visit with Shawnie. And I got a new tea experience from Terry!
Sandra B. | Nov 17, 2023
Lots of good information!
Jean L. | Nov 17, 2023
Camden is phenomenal! She responds in a timely manner and is always helpful.
Sarah F. | Nov 17, 2023
She was very thorough.
Kortney B. | Nov 17, 2023
Great experience, great care.
Bob R. | Nov 17, 2023
I feel almost like my old self !!! Thank you Shawnie!!!!
Kris P. | Nov 17, 2023